Your voice matters. And Acapela Group cares about it.  Our company, the European leader of synthetic speech, aims to create digital voices that sound different, based on Neural text to speech. Custom and personalized voices are adapted to the needs and context of applications, based on the promising results of Acapela’s DNN (AI).

Acapela Group @ CES2020
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Voice cloning

This is real and is working now: individuals who can no longer speak can keep communicating with a digital copy of their voice.

Launched in early 2015, the innovative ‘my-own-voice’ solution created by Acapela Group has permitted thousands of people to create a digital copy of their own voice. For patients diagnosed with ALS or cancer or facing speech disabilities, the breakthrough solution allows individuals to keep speaking with their voice, by creating a digital version based on only a few minutes of recordings.

The result definitely changes the daily life of individuals who can keep communicating with this very personal part of everyone’s identity, the voice.

My-own-voice is currently available in 15 languages, with more to come shortly. It is a very simple online service, that does not require any specific recording equipment or computer skills. The process is simple: just connect and record a list of sentences. Create your voice for free. Test it and buy it only when you need it. The cost is 999 USD for a perpetual licence or 99 USD per year with a subscription.


Thousands of accounts have been created thus far. And we are moving forward very quickly thanks to our users’ feedback. Team Gleason, MNDA, The Boston Children’s Hospital and the Department of Veteran Affairs are all part of the essential players that have already selected ‘my-own-voice’ as a reliable and sustainable solution.

Check out this video of John Costello, Director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Augmentative Communication Program, using and commenting on his own voice created with my-own-voice.

Those voices are based on the first research and results of Acapela’s R&D team on Deep Neural Networks (Acapela DNN). The voices have kept their promise. While we are working on continuous improvement of the service, we are also actively working on the next steps of Neural TTS.

The reliable lay for new (neural based) custom voices

“Acapela Group is rich with 30 years of expertise and a portfolio of over 30 languages with hundreds of voices. This technology chest and the tremendous work done on ‘my-own-voice’ now puts us in a position to create personalized and custom voices that enrich the user experience with voices that make a difference for our customers.” Says Remy CADIC, CEO, Acapela Group.

Our expertise is the ground floor to creating custom voices for brands.  Famous companies and brands have already selected Acapela’s text to speech technology to give a brand-new voice to their services and applications. Stop by our booth to learn more about it. Your voice matters. And Acapela Group is an expert in creating the one you need.

Acapela Group’s voice banking solution named as CES 2023 Innovation Awards Winner


About Acapela Group

How does you voice sound? At Acapela Group, we create personalized digital voices that match your voice branding. Our voices, based on Neural TTS and AI, bring persona to the user experience.
Acapela is the European leader of voice solutions with thirty years of expertise and market feedback, strong partnerships, deep rooted R&D, an enthusiastic team and a strong appetite for innovation.  Your voice matters. And Acapela cares about it.  The company aims to create voices that sound different: custom voices, children voices, voice banking with my-own-voice. Voices adapted to the needs and context of application, based on promising results on Neural TTS.