Deliver 24/7 real-time vocal information to your customers

Acapela TTS for iOS has been designed to enable developers to easily add a voice to their applications. Breathe life into your interface and content, provide users with the Voice First experience, let your iOS applications talk with a wide range of pleasant and smart voices.

Developer benefits

Thanks to the High-Level API written in Objective-C, developers will be able, with a minimum of code lines, to quickly and easily integrate speech synthesis into all their applications for iOS. Easy integration into your installation and redistribution package, Mac App Store friendly. Objective-C and Swift usage samples.

Market apps and services

App Store apps, smart toys, navigation, education, language learning, communication aids, environment control, computer control, interactive learning, assistive technology, AAC, SGD, games, and much more.

Key benefits

Voice AI

Based on Acapela’s neural TTS, the neural voices generated by AI are highly realistic. They enhance user engagement and the overall user experience.

Wide range of voices

including children’s voices.

Several voice qualities to meet all needs and constraints

Colibri Voices (3-9 MB/voice), Low Footprint (15-30MB/voice) and High Quality Medium (40-150MB/voice) for embedded text to speech, no internet connection needed.

All iOS devices

Acapela TTS for iPhone and iPad are static libraries compatible with all iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad versions, as well as the iPhone and iPad simulator on Mac OS X.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported OS
    iOS X 10 to 17+
  • Text Input
    Mac Roman, Windows ASCII encodings, UTF8. Support of tagged texts.
  • Lexicons
    Lexicon Editor for creating and editing user lexicons
  • Synchronization support
    Lip sync (visemes), word synchronization, and bookmarks.
  • Voice properties
    Speech rate, volume, reading modes (sentence, word, spelling), equalizer, pause length and voice shaping.
  • Audio format
    PCM audio, 16 bits linear, 22 kHz., AIFF.
  • Development languages
    Objective-C, Swift.
  • Supported developer tool
    XCode 3.2.6 and higher.
  • Complete documentation
    accessible online once registered, sample code.
  • Please contact us for more information.

Pricing info

The Acapela TTS for iOS offer consists of two parts:

  • The Software Development Kit is a developer license (with libraries, sample code) and a support and maintenance service. You pay a yearly fee.
  • The Commercial Licence: When a product/application/service has been developed incorporating our software, a royalties-bearing agreement will be worked out. The level of royalties will depend on the number of units, on the voices and on the languages used.
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