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Find your text to speech solution

We speech-enable a vast array of installations, devices, vehicles, corporate messages, personal aids, learning functions, games, and much more.

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Acapela TTS professional software deliver high quality natural voices. Our text to speech are available in more than 30 languages. Find the accent, age and identity that should embody your brand or answer any of your needs. We propose over 120 voices: you should find yours. Our TTS engines are at the forefront of innovation to express meaning and intent: give it a try!

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Use Acapela voices for voice-over on YouTube videos
Use Acapela voices for your screen reader
Record my voice and use a voice replacement solution
Use Acapela voices on your Chromebook
Use Acapela voices on your Android
Use Acapela voices on your Mac OS X
Access your PC if you are blind or visually impaired
Use Acapela voices for an artistic project
Use Acapela voices for a University research project (students)
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Get more information about our speech engines
Generate all rights included voice files
Develop an application that speaks
Add a voice dimension to e-learning
Automatically generate a large volume of voice files
Disseminate real time messages
Use a cloud solution
Use a custom voice
Personalize your services with a customized digital voice

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