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Robotics and Smart Toys

Personalized digital voices that adjust to people’s needs, to engage in a successful conversation.

Talking Robots, Voice Assistants and Smart Toys in our daily life

The robot revolution is about to enter our everyday life as mobile phones did a couple of decades ago. They are designed to be accessible to everyone and help people live easier, safer and have fun. Voice First interfaces are reinventing the way we engage with devices. We create voices that adapt to the context, to better interact with users, whatever their age or skills.

Talking with your personal Robot

Digital voices are essential to turn social or companion Robots conversational.

Children naturally voice-interact with social Robots and Smart Toys that answer their questions, play games, spell, tell jokes. Voice-enabled toys effectively support creative development, encourage imagination, learning and play and get smarter over time via machine learning.


Other applications, such as those related to the care of the elderly and retail/hospitality, need a voice and interaction optimized for the specific application. Social Robots help the vulnerable in their daily lives. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to care for senior citizens as well as increase their independence and reduce social isolation.

Acapela Group - Robotics


A voice for each Robot

Humanoid Robots, with their overall appearance, are designed, as far as possible, to naturally communicate using a human voice. Acapela Group, with 30 years of experience in voice creation, can create a custom voice for each Robot.


Acapela works in close collaboration with their partners in order to define the personality of the Humanoid, and create the right voice adapted to it’s face and body. The High-Quality voices developed by Acapela Group make the Robot feels a bit more human!

Talking with my Vocal Bot

A Voice Assistant (also called VoiceBot), just as the Humanoid Robot and Voice Companions, uses Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding and Speech Synthesis to receive, process, understand and answer questions. Their purpose is to provide us with helpful information, right away.


They will soon become a new communication channel, just as the Phone or the Personal Computer. Acapela creates personalized voices that bring a voice persona and individual behavior to the conversation, when we want to learn more about a topic, purchase items, make a flight reservation, perform math, play games, play music or get information from helpdesks.


Key benefits


Wide choice of languages and voices
Over 30 languages and 120 voices in the standard portfolio, expressive and emotive voices or custom voices.


Unique children’s voices portfolio
Over 20 children’s voices are available. Check out our natural-sounding children’s voices, they meet the needs of young users looking for a voice that reflects their age.


Expressive voices
Our voices include funny sounds, voice smileys that breathe life into our natural and pleasant voices.


Multi platform solutions
Our voice solutions are available on different platforms, in SaaS, on-premise or locally from the device.


Custom voices
We can create a personalized digital voice to enhance or differentiate a brand’s identity or to offer a different user experience.


State of the art technology
Voice creation based on ‘Deep Learning’ by the Acapela Research Lab. Acapela Deep Neural Network creates a synthetic version of any voice based on a few minutes of speech recordings.

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They are using Acapela’s voices

Hear Acapela voice sample of Dino’s voice Will (Will-Little creature)

  • Will - Little creature
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