Speech empower your Linux application with a pleasant voice, based on AI.

Add Text to speech capability to your application with Acapela TTS for Linux. Our text to speech engine allows developers to easily integrate text to speech functionalities.

Latest innovation in voice AI with Acapela DNN opened a new era for voice creation and its uses, enabling the creation of voices perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of a company, a brand or a device.

Developer benefits

Acapela TTS for Linux SDK makes Acapela’s voices available to serve and speech enable your projects, with over 30 languages and more than 120 voices. It is provided with a proprietary C/C++ API.

Market apps and services

Web and desktop applications, Gaming, Multimedia applications, Educational software, Passenger information system and all the thriving ecosystem for application development based on the Linux community of developers.

Key benefits

High Quality neural voices, based on AI

Very natural voices for a pleasant conversational user experience. Over 30 languages and 120 voices available.

Expressive voices

Acapela standard portfolio features a wide palette of voice personas. Expressive voices with moods (happy, sad), specific recordings, voice smileys and tags.

Children’s voices

Unique portfolio of genuine children’s voices made by and for children so they can use a voice that sounds their age.

Technical specifications

  • Text Input
    • ASCII 8 bits encodings.
    • UTF-8.
    • Support of tagged texts
  • Lexicons
    Lexicon Editor for building and editing user lexicons
  • Synchronization support
    • Lip sync (visemes information)
    • Word synchronization
    • Bookmarks
  • • Voice Output Tuning Capabilities
    • Speech rate
    • Volume
    • Reading modes (sentence, word, spelling)
    • Pause length
    • Alternative pronunciations
  • Audio format
    • PCM audio
    • 16 bits linear
    • 22 kHz
  • APIs
    Proprietary APIs (BabTTS API).
  • Development languages
    • C
    • C++
  • Documentation
    • Complete documentation, sample code.
  • Please contact us for more information

Pricing info

The Acapela TTS for Linux consists of two parts:

  •  The software Development Kit is a developer license (with libraries, sample code) and a support and maintenance service. You pay a yearly fee.
  • The Commercial Licence: when a product/application/service has been developed incorporating our software, a royalties-bearing agreement will be worked out. The level of royalties will depend on the number of units, on the voices and on the languages used.


Whatever you might be looking for as a professional, Acapela helps you find the right TTS engine that meets all of your needs.

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