Available as Premium voices or as a voice banking solution.

TTS scottish child voices by Acapela Group

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At Acapela, we are deeply passionate about choice, diversity, and accents, particularly when it comes to providing young users with new digital voices to enrich their daily lives, empowering them to play, progress, and learn through AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) applications.

Voice banking for young users with my-own-voice

Acapela Group is ready to support Scottish young users with speech or language disorders with voice banking. Our CES award-winning solution, version 4, supports English (Scottish) language users and includes a script adapted for children.

‘My-own-voice’ online service offers individuals diagnosed with speech or language disorders the possibility to create their own digital voice. With ‘my-own-voice’, users can keep speaking and communicating using a digital copy of their voice, helping them maintain their identity. The digital voice, created using the end user’s recordings, can be used with an assistive device to read any sentence, keeping the essence of the original in terms of timbre, accent, and intonation. The voice and way of speaking are instantly recognizable.

Enriching our children’s voice portfolio

Meet Eilidh and Archie, our children synthetic voices in Scottish English.
Released in 2023, these voices are designed for children with communication disabilities, offering lifelike tonality and emotional expression through AI technology.

Hear voice samples of the child's Scottish voices
  • Eilidh


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  • Archie


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Empowering users with AI

Our neural voice portfolio is available for on cloud and embedded products with Version 12, offering lifelike audio output, enhancing real-time interactions, and elevating user experiences. It directly benefits every facet of the customer journey, particularly in the context of voice bots and call bots.
The cornerstone of Acapela Group’s neural digital voices lies in our invaluable asset: rich vocal databases meticulously curated over two decades of development. All the current Acapela’s neural voice portfolio is now made available online and offline with Version 12.