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Connected cars are making it harder to focus on the road with distracting emails, GPS navigation, traffic information, text messages or social media are all asking for our attention.

Voice technologies are the natural and seamless interface to accompany this new mobility age.

Acapela’s standard voices were designed with the car in mind and can adapt to the needs of car manufacturers, especially in terms of tuning navigation prompts and interpreting pronunciation rules from map data.

For an advanced driver experience, we create custom voices that your customers will instantly recognize. The custom voices we build can match your brand or car model, allowing you to communicate with a unique identity, with a voice that makes drivers instantly feel at home in their car.

Whether you have been using the same voice for decades or you are looking for a new voice identity, Acapela can help you create a digital voice that is both flexible and of high quality.
The latest innovations in neural text to speech are opening the way for new opportunities, which will soon allow drivers and passengers to have more and more voice options, including their own voice!

Our offer for Automotive


Over 30 languages and 200 voices are ready to speak in our standard portfolio, with standard and premium voices.

Multi plaftorms engines for the developers

Forr Windows, Windows Universal Platform (UWP), Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Linux. Offline
Online and offline solutions.

Voice branding

Custom voice creation for the exclusive usage of a company or a brand. The digital voice reinforces the identity and embodies the driver/vehicle relation.

Voice AI

Neural digital voices innovation

Creation of voices based on our neural technology developed by Acapela.


They are using Acapela’s voices

Hey COYOTE! To better guide the community and strengthen the user's experience, COYOTE has developed its own vocal assistant.

A vocal assistant to help you drive

Samples of Custom voices created for a  Leading Navigation company’

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  • French

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  • German

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  • Italian

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  • Spanish

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