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Many of our voices include what we call Voice Smileys, Like laughter #LAUGH01# , or sneezing #SNEEZE01# as well as specific recordings to breathe more life into your message.
Click on the player to listen to the audio result of the voice sample that includes both sounds (in red) and exclamations (in blue).

In red: sounds
In blue: exclamations

#MMM03# Brilliant! This is delicious! I would really appreciate to have the recipe! Thank you!
[voice: Rachel, English (UK)]

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Ah! Easy! An apple is an edible and round fruit with firm, white flesh, with green, red, or yellow skin. Your turn! #LAUGH01#

[voice: Rosie, English (UK)]

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#THROAT02# Dear passengers, your attention please! Welcome aboard this train number 1428 to Roma. The departure is scheduled at 9:25 a.m. I will have the pleasure of keeping you informed regularly along the way. Have a nice day!
[voice: Lily, English (US)]

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Hello, My name is Peter. \vce=speaker=PeterSad\ When the news is so depressing, I feel like I’m going to cry \pau=100\ #CRY04# \vce=speaker=PeterHappy\ But I can also be the life of the party, when things turn out to be funny! #LAUGH03#
[voice: Peter, English (UK)]

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#CLAXON# ¡Hola! Yo soy Emilio. ¡Oye! Me gusta mucho preparar deliciosos pasteles durante mi tiempo libre. #MMM01#. Pero tanto cocinar cansa mucho! #YAWN02#. #LAUGH01# ¡Hasta pronto! #COCHE#
[voice: Emilio, bilingual English/Spanish (US)]

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Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? Je m’appelle Valentin. J’adore courir et chanter ou imiter le bruit des animaux. Écoute! ! #CAT# #DOG# #FROG#. Tu veux jouer avec moi? A plus tard, Balthazar !
[voice: Valentin, French]

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