Give your image a voice.

Voice is the new big revolution. A custom voice can be a game changer for brands, allowing companies and organizations to be more relevant in their conversations with their targeted audience.

The Acapela Voice Factory is Acapela’s solution for custom voice creation. It enables you to perform your voice branding through any audio touch point with a very natural and pleasant digital voice.

Expanding the brand identity

Acapela Voice Factory custom voices are the result of in-depth research into recording, processing and fine-tuning methods used in the text to voice production process. Using expertise and industry insight, the Acapela Voice Factory has been designed to develop natural, high quality exclusive voices.

Recent innovation based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) is opening up new opportunities for the creation of personalized and natural digital voices, adapted to the environment in which the voice is used.

Acapela Voice Factory solution accurately reproduces a given voice (including celebrity ones) in a short space of time and at an affordable price.

They believe in us

  • Accor
  • BNP Paribas Personal Finance
  • BVG
  • Coyote
  • SFR
  • LCL
  • MAAF
  • Softbank
  • Fedex
  • Jernbaneverket
  • ONCF
  • Aftonbladet
  • Trafikverket
  • infotec

…are just some of the companies that have already chosen to invest in their own TTS voice & spokesperson to relay their message and information – Contact us to further discuss our references.

They are using Acapela

Passengers to be informed by a unique, recognizable DB voice.

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Custom voices for Trafikverket: Vocal landmarks for commuters

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Commuters in Berlin are informed daily by BVG’s unique digital voice.

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Acapela Voice Factory

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