Enhance your message with voice smileys (audio tags, sounds and exclamations) to make it more lively. This creative feature adds an extra dimension to the realistic text-to-speech experience, making the messages sound engaging, authentic, and lifelike.

What are sounds?

Sounds are produced by the speakers’ voice for laughing, breathing, sneezing, coughing or whatever sounds our voices can produce to mimic sounds we make in our daily lives. These sounds help produce totally realistic text to speech messages.

Sounds are always between two pound signs #LAUGH01# in capital letters and sometimes followed by numbers if there are more than one of the same kind.

The children’s voices have a lot of sounds.

What are exclamations?

We built a trully realistic voice generator that can also deal with exclamations. Exclamations are a bit trickier to select and we kept the most commonly used ones. Exclamations are always followed by an exclamation sign (!) – quite obviously – but without the blank between the word and the sign. If there is a blank left in between, the exclamation will be ignored. You may noticed that in some cases certain exclamations in the document are doubled by the same exclamation in brackets (“), this is simply to avoid that the (“) causes a pause with these exclamations that already have pauses.

How does it work?

In both cases you simply need to insert realistic sounds and exclamations in your text and they well be uttered correctly if you are using the right voice.
Not all voices have sounds and exclamations, in some cases we can make additional recordings, in some cases we can provide substitutes (that’s when (S) is written after the text string, don’t copy this part of course).

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