Meet Emilie and Elias, authentic Norwegian children’s voices created by Acapela Group.

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Acapela Group, the voice solutions expert, today introduces Emilie and Elias, two new natural-sounding children’s voices that will meet the needs of Norwegian children looking for a voice that reflects their age.

Meet them all! Unique Portfolio: 18 voices already available

Acapela Group is the only voice specialist worldwide to offer users such a rich repertoire of children’s voices which are truly lifelike.

Emilie and Elias are joining the cheerful family of Acapela genuine children’s voices that already give the say to young users around the world – English (British, American, Australian), French, German, Swedish and bilingual American English/Spanish North American are already available.

Voices recorded by and for children

The Norwegian voices represent a new milestone for young Norwegian users, especially for those who rely on AAC.

The Norwegian children’s voices have been developed with the Swedish-based company Tobii Dynavox, leader in touch and eye tracking based AAC devices and AssistiveWare, leader in AAC apps for iOS.

Tobii Dynavox has brought in its knowledge and expertise of the Scandinavian market and strongly contributed to the quality achievement of Emilie and Elias voices.

AssistiveWare has been our historical partner since the inception and creation of the genuine children’s since they were introduced as a world first.

Hear voices samples here

“We are very proud of our children’s voices that enable kids around the world to finally express their thoughts, needs and desire with a voice they like and find comfortable. We are delighted to be able to provide Norwegian kids with voices that may change their daily lives. We will continue to add new children’s voices to our portfolio and so help change the way kids with disabilities can benefit from voice technologies.’ said Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.

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