Speak with a custom digital voice.The technology is moving forward very quickly. Stay tuned, visit us @CES.

Acapela neural digital voices at CES2022


At Acapela, we aim to create personalized voices perfectly adapted to the context of applications. Either for individuals who need digital voices to communicate or for companies looking for a digital spokesperson for their voice branding. The exercise remains the same: helping people get the right voice that fits and works. Our core expertise as a bespoke player is right here. We not only provide a high quality voice that is excellent, technically speaking, but we also provide the voice that fits, based on Acapela’s latest innovations on neural TTS.

Listen to the voice medley:

  • Acapela's neural digital voices showcased at CES 2022

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The neural voices are a breakthrough game changer in voice technology. Based on Acapela’s Neural TTS (DNN and machine learning), the TTS system learns very quickly. It allows for the generation of ultra realistic, lifelike voices that are highly engaging and encourage natural interactions for an advanced user experience. The quality of Acapela’s neural digital voices relies on an invaluable asset which makes the difference: vocal databases rich with 20 years of voice portfolio development.


The technology is moving forward very quickly. Stay tuned, visit us @CES.

Come and meet on Acapela’s booth to talk about how we can help you make the most of speech technology.
Acapela Group, #5130, Tech West, Venetian expo, level 2
My-own-voice, #60414 , Tech West, Venetian expo, level 1