Acapela Group, bespoke leading European expert of voice technology for the last 30 years, is unveiling its voices based on DNN (Deep Neural Networks).

The full Acapela’s digital voice portfolio will benefit from this technology breakthrough.

The system, based on Acapela’s Neural TTS (DNN and machine learning), learns quickly. It allows for the generation of realistic, lifelike voices that are highly engaging and encourage natural interactions for an advanced user experience. The quality of the neural digital voices relies on an invaluable asset which makes the difference: vocal databases rich with 20 years of voice portfolio development.


We are talking about a new technology, capable of overcoming the limits of the quality reached with unit selection text to speech, that is widely used today.

Neural TTS, How does it work?


“Besides the Standard and Premium portfolio, Neural TTS technology strengthens voice marketing strategies by designing custom voices that will enhance brand identity, offer outstanding conversational user experience and increase customer satisfaction and confidence. We look forward to accompanying our customers and partners in this new technology milestone”, says Remy Cadic, CEO of Acapela Group.

Hear a voice sample

  • Neural digital voices by Acapela Group - Voice sample

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Neural digital voices available NOW online with Acapela Cloud!

Voices in 15 languages are already available, ready for online testing. The full portfolio based on neural technology will be available in the coming months.

Continuity will be ensured between technologies so customers will not have to mind the gap. Custom lexicons created on Acapela Cloud will remain available with Neural TTS voices, enabling to capitalize on existing work achieved. With this smooth, yet major technology shift, Acapela aims to keep accompanying its customers in the development of their digital voice strategy.

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