VideoDubber, Microsoft & Acapela Group collaborate to deliver Text-to-Speech technologies to the global broadcast market.

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VideoDubber Ltd., a technology leader in the field of automated dubbing, announced today the upcoming launch of a new breakthrough dubbing service that uses Acapela Group’s TTS technology in order to regenerate voice over and dubbing for movies and TV programs. The service will be unveiled during IBC 2014.


VideoDubber enables broadcasters and content creators to automatically dub their movies, TV programs, news and sport broadcasts to over 30 languages. The service is based on a Microsoft SAPI Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology that was originally used for computer accessibility and Telco IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications. The automated service utilizes speech synthesis to meet the TV and broadcasting market’s needs that until now relied solely on manual dubbing services.


Boaz Rossano, CEO of VideoDubber comments: “This technology previously used solely in one market has now significantly impacted the broadcast market. Text to Speech can now enable an automated dubbing service that is available 24/7 and can dub masses of video hours to different languages simultaneously, in a small fraction of the time it traditionally took. This is something that will revolutionize the TV market.”


“For over 20 years Acapela Group has been developing advanced voice solutions. Our voices are widely used and accepted in users’ daily life and our new authentic voices have matured to the state that they pleasantly restitute any written content into a valuable audio result, in many languages. We are glad to see them now reaching the TV screen. We are proud to support VideoDubber, our technology partner, and eager to see their unique automated dubbing service, being adopted by the professional broadcast industry” said Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO at Acapela Group.


Ifat Grinblat-Yanai, Business Development Manager & ISV Group Lead at Microsoft adds: “Microsoft has a long term commitment to support young promising technology startups, and offer them its state of the art technologies and infrastructure, at no cost, as part of the Microsoft BizSpark program. We’re happy to support VideoDubber, our technology partner and a BizSpark graduate, on their product launch, and look forward to see their impact on the future of the TV broadcast industry in the years to come.”


See VideoDubber during IBC in Amsterdam RAI at the RRsat booth – Hall 1 stand B24 -12th-16th September 2014.


Microsoft BizSpark program helps software startups succeed by giving them access to Microsoft software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility to help entrepreneurs starting a business.


RRsat, a leading provider of digital content management and global content distribution services to the broadcasting industry has an ongoing strategic partnership with VideoDubber and together, they are pioneering this new important service and technology to the broadcast industry.


Ziv Mor, CTO & VP Business Development of RRsat comments: “We’re excited to contribute our expertise and technology know-how in the broadcast industry to VideoDubber, in providing this unique service. We believe this will be a game-changing technology for broadcasters all over the world.”

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VideoDubber is the world’s first online service that automates the manual dubbing process, using patent-pending technologies. Its automated cloud platform enables broadcasters & content creators to add dubbing and voice over in over 30 languages to their videos, with a click of a button. F

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The leading voice expert with 30 years of experience behind it, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 30 languages. We create authentic synthetic voices that express meaning and intent. Over 100 synthetic voices are ready speak, producing a natural and pleasant audio result, by turning written input into speech.

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