Merry Christmas and happy learning with the CogniToys Dino, the IBM Watson-powered smart toy that gets better over time.

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CogniToys are smart devices in toy form, tailored just for kids, to provide an educational and entertaining experience without the need for a screen. While other smart toys rely on pre-programmed responses, the IBM Watson-powered Dinosaurs listen to kids’ questions and provide answers adapted a child’s age. Plus, they answer questions using a voice created by Acapela Group.

Studies have shown that play is essential to learning, especially at a young age. It teaches problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills while engaging the imagination. Recommended for kids aged 3 to 9, Dinos are more than a toy. They are talking, learning companions with the ability to grow and change – just like kids do.

 ‘When developing CogniToys, we wanted to create a toy that could not only entertain, but encourage learning too, providing a new, innovative experience for children. The Dino can interact, understand and keep up with a lot of questions.

We needed the right voice to promote understanding during conversation. We tested the ‘Will’ voice from Acapela at a very early stage, and found customers loved the cheerful, grumbly persona it gave the Dino’ says Pearl Steinberg, Brand & Content Strategist from Elemental Path.

Hear Acapela voice sample of Dino’s voice Will (Will-Little creature)

  • Will - Little creature


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‘The Dino looks great and is smart and simple to use. It makes the most of advanced options such as cognitive technology and voice solutions, bringing them together in a single button interface. The kids only need to press the button and talk to their Dino to create a cool learning experience. The Dino takes smart toys a step forward and we are very happy to be Dino’s voice. We look forward to Dino interacting in other languages!’ says Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.


On average, kids ask 300 questions a day and CogniToys can keep up. The Dino responds to thousands of questions with age-appropriate answers. If a child asks a question Dino doesn’t know, the CogniToys team writes a kid-friendly answer to be added to a future content update. Plus, CogniToys come packed with tons of activities including stories, games, meditations, jokes and more to keep kids entertained for hours on end. By remembering a child’s name and favorite things (colors, animals, sports, etc.), CogniToys customize learning and future conversation, providing a unique personalized play experience.

Just in time for the holidays: Cognitoys speaks English and is available on the website, Amazon, in-store at ToysRus and Barnes & Noble for $99.99. For more information see the website!