To better guide the Community and strengthen the user's experience, COYOTE has developed its own vocal assistant.

COYOTE, the inventor of real time sharing community data, combines once again Community & technology to move forward with innovation on driver safety enhancement.


The European leader, which relies on a very active Community of 5 million users – using the device for an average of 125 minute per day- combines once again the community and technology to better serve users and to move forward with innovation on driver safety enhancement. Information daily shared covers road hazards, speed limits and traffic jams, as well as travel disruption through the range of COYOTE solutions (connected devices, mobile app, manufacturer’s built in embedded solutions).

With the launch of its own vocal assistant, Coyote enables drivers to declare and confirm alerts with the voice, while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, through a simple wake word: ‘Hey Coyote!’.


For the last several years, Coyote and Acapela Group have worked closely together to enhance the audio quality of messages vocalized through the device.
Vocal messages inform the driver on traffic conditions, alerts or security messages and can now set up a conversation trough the Coyote vocal assistant.

The work on the voice interface and the digital voices used in the COYOTE voice assistant therefore was a natural progression, in continuity with the projects already carried out between the two companies.

Acapela digital voices have been specially designed to create a natural and smooth interaction with the user.


“Voice is now the natural answer for many interfaces. It is even more applicable for drivers and COYOTE’s end users who have widely demanded this new function. Our vocal assistant was designed to inform and stay informed while keeping focused on the road. It was important for COYOTE to deliver messages with highly natural and intelligible voices that are pleasant and stress-free. Since the launch in France in October 2019, then in Benelux in February 2020, we have received positive feedback from the Community on the Acapela’s digital voice acceptance and we are working on adding new languages as planned”, explains Laurent Le Toriellec, Head of Products at COYOTE.

Coyote Up with Acapela digital voices


“To guarantee the quality of the interface and the safety of end users, it is essential to adapt our digital voices and to personalize them, according to the context. This is exactly what we achieved over the years and we will continue to move in this direction with COYOTE’s team. We are very proud to accompany them on this topic and to give the say to their vocal assistant which aims to combine technology and community to make the road safer” says Rémy Cadic, CEO of Acapela Group.



The vocal assistant and the Acapela voices are deployed on COYOTE Up and COYOTE Nav +.

Beyond the voice capability, the new ‘COYOTE UP’ device embeds the best of COYOTE technology. The screen displays the speed limit, complications on the way, etc. COYOTE offers a service without advertising so as not to disturb the driver’s attention. Personal data is anonymous and is not used for commercial purposes.

The Acapela Group is also working with COYOTE on its European roll-out, with voices in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Polish.



Founded in 2005, COYOTE is the European leader when it comes to smart driver assistant services, offering more than 30 different kinds of road safety alerts. The company is developing its patented technology, which is available as connected devices, a mobile application or in car built in solutions (for Renault and Toyota). All COYOTE’s solutions are based on sharing geolocated data, so drivers can warn each other about traffic conditions and any hazards in real time. Every day, more than 5 million members share information about speed limits, dangerous areas, traffic jams and travel disruption. To make sure its service is reliable, each month, COYOTE reprocesses an average of  over 10 billion pieces of data provided by the community. COYOTE generates a turnover of 130 million Euros and offers a service covering 17 European countries. Beginning in 2018, COYOTE started offering new services, following their acquisition of Stuggler : COYOTE SECURE (recovery of stolen vehicles) and COYOTE Business (dedicated to professionals, fully flexible, including recovery of stolen vehicles, fleet management and an alert system on the roads with COYOTE’s devices).


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