Acapela Group is proud to introduce Acapela TTS voices for NVDA, enabling blind and vision impaired people to use High Quality and High Performing voices with the NVDA screen reader, at an affordable price.

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The NVDA project (Non Visual Desktop Access) enables blind and vision impaired people to use a computer by communicating what is on the screen using a synthetic voice or braille.


NVDA is the only screen reader for Microsoft Windows that is totally free, yet fully functional and portable.

‘Around 285 million people in the world are blind or visually impaired. NV Access’ mission is to make sure none of these people miss out on using a computer just because they can’t afford an  expensive screen reader’ says Michael Curran, Executive Director from NV Access. ‘With Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA, they can also gain access to high quality & performing voices that will enhance the NVDA experience with speech fully adapted to their use.’


Since its creation in April 2006, NVDA has been downloaded more than 70,000 times, is available in over 43 languages and used in 120 countries.


At Acapela Group we unreservedly support this great open source project. In early 2014 we announced the integration of the NVDA screen reader into infovox4 and a donation to NV Access for each unit of infovox4 sold.


With Acapela TTS for NVDA, we offer users of the screen reader easy access to high quality and performing voices. The Acapela TTS voices for NVDA add-on is easy to install and easy to use. It will give users access to text-to-speech in different languages, so making the NVDA experience much richer. And Acapela will donate 10 Euros each time a unit of Acapela TTS voices for NVDA is sold.


‘Accessibility is very important to Acapela. As a leading player in speech, fully committed for decades to making the life of users easier, it’s our responsibility to support projects such as NVDA, which are key to information access, education and employment for millions of visually impaired people in the world’ comments Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.


The Acapela TTS voices for NVDA product already supports several languages: English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (India), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (US), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Italian and Greek.


Voices are available in two versions, a Basic license (59 Euros) or a Premium license (99 euros), both are multilingual and allow up to 3 installations.


Try Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA for free: A 15 day evaluation period gives you time to decide 

How to get started

1 – Download the product and some of the voices.
2 – Open NVDA and install the Acapela TTS Voices for NVDA product and the voices. You will automatically get a 15 day evaluation period.
3 – Purchase a license when you feel ready. You will receive a personal activation code.
4 – Open the “Activate a new license” menu item in NVDA -> Acapela TTS for NVDA and provide your activation code to activate your license.


Thank you NV Access for your tremendous work for the visually impaired community worldwide!
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