Innotrans, Berlin, Sept 23, 2014. Acapela Group today announces the creation of a Business Unit dedicated to Public Transport.

In order to meet growing demands for voice solutions adapted to Public Transport, Acapela Group is creating a division dedicated to Public Transport specificities.


‘We are already very present in Public Transport systems with our technology, which is key to achieving the level of real-time information required by passengers. Acapela Group Transport aims to provide our customers worldwide with advanced tools, features and custom voices perfectly adapted to their needs. We look forward to making headway along with our customers and partners’, Comments Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.


Accompanying our customers in Public Transport with Real-Time Voice announcements.

At Acapela Group, we’ve been inventing text-to-speech (TTS) solutions for 30 years, to give content a voice in 30 languages. Over 100 voices are ready to speak, producing a natural and pleasant audio result, by reading written input with pleasant sounding voices for real-time announcements.


Flights Announcements, Passenger Information or Tickets Machines are all taking advantage of text-to-speech to provide advanced and reliable services. Real-time information allows passengers to take decisions quickly and to be reassured in their decision-making.


Providing this information in a pleasant and intelligible voice goes a long way to helping passengers feel more comfortable.  That’s what Acapela text-to-speech does, either with one of the 100 voices available in the standard portfolio or with a custom voice, specifically created for an exclusive usage of a customer.


Acapela’s TTS is already being used by Public Transportation companies all over the world. We have provided custom TTS voices and services to railway companies and public transport operators such as SNCF, Trafikverket, SNCB, Wiener Linien. Acapela is the provider of large public transport suppliers such as Bombardier, Alstom Transport, Ineo Systrans and Initplan.


We will be present at Innotrans, showcasing our offer for Public Transport –  Let’s talk there! Halle 11.2/ Booth 110.


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