We have launched a new version of Acapela-box.com , the online service that enables you to produce voice files effortlessly. In 2014 Acapela-box attracted customers from over 116 countries and more than 5 million characters were converted into speech.

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Acapela-box allows you to easily create your all-rights included voice messages with your own texts vocalized with one of our voices. This flexible solution for vocalizing text is helping to voice-empower E-learning, videos, presentations, answering machines, blogs, websites, IVR, animation, mp3 players, etc.


This new version includes the latest voices from Acapela Group: English US Sharon, French Manon,  Scottish Rhona and our authentic bilingual voices  (English/Spanish) Emilio and Valeria.


A newly designed interface provides a larger text box and an easier sort of languages and voices to make the voice-creation process productive and enjoyable. The download zone has been improved and now enables an audio message to be regenerated in a different format. You can generate your voice files either in MP3 or Wav format (8 or 22 kHz, a-law or µ-law)

How to create a voice file in a few easy steps

1 – Create your account for free on www.acapela-box.com
2 – Type in your messages and hear the audio result. Fine tune or modify. Test with different voices.
3 – Credit your account with 5 euros (715 characters, about 47 seconds of audio time) to 500 euros.
4 – You are set to download and use your voice files as you like