Try them on the interactive demo.

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Type in your own words and hear how your content may sound depending on the voice you choose. Select any of the Child voices ; Will or Antoine in different moods; Queen Elizabeth; Australian Tyler; Hip hop Saul; Country Micah, Dimitris, Jeroen or Margaux either happy or sad. Ask Will the story teller to be a ‘bad guy’ or a ‘little creature’.


Acapela’s repertoire includes voices of characters or celebrities, with accents or specific dialect attributes, that sing or tell stories, that can adopt different moods, for all ages and all languages. Because one voice cannot answer all and any needs, we aim to provide a resounding repertoire. And we can create the voice you need. Just for you. This is Acapela bespoke expertise.


More than just simple vocalization of texts, Acapela aims to add a subtle layer of intelligence, to significantly enrich audio dimension with more meaning and intent.


Full list of new voices available in the interactive demo:

  • Rosie and Harry (UK English – child)
  • Ella and Josh (US English – child)
  • Micah (US English – ‘Country’)
  • Saul (US English – ‘hiphop’)
  • Tyler (Australian English)
  • Will (US English – Happy, sad, upClose, fromAFar, bad guy, little creature, old man)
  • Antoine (French – Happy, Sad, upClose, fromAFar)
  • Margaux (Happy – happy or sad)
  • Jeroen (Dutch BE – happy or sad)
  • Dimitris (Greek – happy or sad)
  • Queen Elizabeth (UK English)