Acquisition significantly expands Acapela’s range of voice solutions for advanced customer interaction

AcapelaGroup - CreaWave

Acapela Group, the leading voice expert, today announces the acquisition of CreaWave, a French start-up specialized in high quality vocal interfaces. CreaWave owns Flexiwave™, a ‘concept-to-speech’ technology that will complement and significantly expand the voice solutions Acapela can offer.

‘Concept-to-speech’, now offered by Acapela Group

Flexiwave™ is an impressive achievement of ‘concept-to-speech’ technology that delivers very high quality human voices for domain-specific dialog applications. While ‘text-to-speech’ is based on text input, ‘concept-to-speech’ uses recurring domain specific parameters to generate an audio message. This technology complements perfectly Acapela’s range of voice solutions and offers new capabilities which  push the boundaries of speech technology for an unprecedented, personalized user experience.

Flexiwave™ provides accurate, customizable messages to customers, either by phone, in the car or on public transport, with a very high quality, natural audio result.

‘Acapela bespoke portfolio of text-to-speech voices in 34 languages has been widely used around the world for decades. While researching and developing the perfect synthetic voice, we had the pleasure of meeting the founders of CreaWave and both parties immediately saw the natural synergies between our companies. We look forward to developing new voice models for our customers that encompass the full audio chain and to offering advanced audio results that are perfectly adapted to their context’ comments Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group.

‘We created CreaWave in 2013 to answer domain-specific needs for 100% natural and studio quality audio interfaces, using the innovative concept-to-speech technology. Today we are providing our customers with voice technology so human in nature it cannot be called technology. We are very enthusiastic about joining Acapela Group, about combining our expertise and technologies to invent new solutions and deliver advanced tools to our customers’, say Remy and Didier Cadic, founders of CreaWave.

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About CreaWave

CreaWave is a start-up specialized in high quality vocal interfaces. Since its creation in 2013 CreaWave has developed solutions for customer interaction, has contributed to car dialogue interfaces and has become established in the connected devices sector. Flexiwave™, the company’s technology based on the innovative concept-to-speech approach (CTS), redesigns
vocal interface outlines and innovates with a new type of user experience. Flexiwave™ adds an astonishingly expressive, spontaneous and customizable dimension to the naturalness and quality usually observed in automatic vocal messages. The audio result is even more natural, accurate, diversified and efficient while at the same time perfectly adapted to the context.
Impact and performance are significantly increased, as well as the user’s comfort. Give it a try!

About Acapela Group

Acapela Group, the leading voice expert with 30 years of experience behind it, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 34 languages. Our speech solutions allow you to turn your content into a natural audio result. We are proud to create authentic and original voices that express meaning and intent. Experience and enjoy an exciting and wide range of voices, very different from each other: voices that interpret and read content with meaning and emotion, voices with accents, celebrity voices, voices that surprise by their naturalness, voices made to tell stories, custom-made voices to develop a brand’s audio personality. All are part of Acapela’s repertoire, designed to give you a voice for whatever purpose, for whatever need. This is Acapela bespoke expertise. Let’s talk!