Acapela Group, the bespoke leading European expert of voice technology with an unequalled children’s synthetic voice collection, is releasing a new version of Aurora and Alessio in partnership with Helpicare, special needs and AAC solutions specialist for the Italian market.

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Since the development of the Italian child voices in collaboration with Helpicare in early 2017, Aurora and Alessio have supported the needs of Italian children looking for a voice that reflects their age. With this new improved HQ version, they will jump a step ahead toward the qualitative leap to better express their thoughts, desires and needs.
Just like in 2017, Acapela Group relied on Helpicare’s knowledge and expertise of the Italian market to undertake this new version of the Aurora and Alessio voices.
The new version is improved thanks to machine learning techniques and leverages on neural networks, allowing the generation of even more realistic, lifelike voices.

“The technology is quickly moving forward and keeps its promise of outstanding naturalness and quality. We are very happy to continue our successful collaboration with Helpicare to better serve the children” says Remy Cadic, CEO of Acapela Group.

“Helpicare has always believed in the importance of providing appropriate speech synthesis to its customers; the “vocal identity” is an essential element for the users of AAC devices, especially for kids that need a suitable and natural voice to communicate and to be motivated to use their AAC device in all contexts. Thanks to the collaboration with Acapela and their new technology, we’ll be able to provide our little customers with voices that are even more natural and expressive” says Filippo Borghi, founder of Helpicare.

A unique repertoire of 23 children’s voices!

Ten years ago, Acapela Group was proud to unveil to the world the very first synthetic voices made by and for children. For the past 10 years, Acapela has enriched its portfolio with a cheerful band of voices that enable young users around the world to speak – in English (British, American, Australian), French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and bilingual American English/North American Spanish.

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About Acapela Group:
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Your voice matters and Acapela Group cares about it. The company is the European leader of voice solutions with 30 years of expertise, an enthusiastic team with a strong appetite for innovation. Acapela Group is an independent subsidiary of Tobii Dynavox, the global leader in assistive technology for communication. The business aims to create digital voices that sound different, leveraging the Neural text to speech technologies. Custom & personalized voices adapted to the needs and context of application, based on promising results of VoiceAI.