The Google Play app, which offers Android users the possibility to easily turn any Android device into a smart talking companion using speech synthesis has enriched its repertoire.

Acapela Group - Actu

Acapela kids’ voices Rosie & Harry and Ella & Josh, UK and US English, have been added to the app’s portfolio. This is only the start, other joyful children’s tones will join the group later.


Made by children and for children, these voices are the first in the industry able to provide kids with a voice that resembles their own. Users with specific needs have been driving the innovation, to change the lives of young users, who can now  communicate with a voice that reflects their age.


The children’s voices already enable children around the world with speech impairments to communicate, express their needs, wishes, thoughts and jokes! Youngsters can now share their words on any android device for e- learning, games, education, reading and many more apps.


Launched in September 2012, ‘AcapelaTTS’ voices on Google Play have been already downloaded about 25 000 times. A portfolio of 30 languages and 87 voices were available. The Top 5 features Russian Alyona as n°1, Czech Eliska as n°2, US English Heather & Will as numbers 3 & 4 and French Magaux as N°5.  With the 4 new children’s voices, there are now a total of  91 Acapela voices on Google Play, in 30 languages! And new ones will join soon. Get yours!


Have a look at our Android talkative apps gallery and see at a glance where and how an Acapela voice can be a great talking partner to read aloud texts from your e-book or newspaper, navigate, hear real time translation, learn languages with audio feedback and much more. Acapela voices are compatible with Android Accessibility features and screen readers (Google TalkBack, Code Factory Mobile Speak, Spiel …)


Acapela TTS voices are available as an in app purchase.

Children’s Premium voices are available for 11.99 euros per voice.
Other voices are available at 3,99 euros per voice.

Acapela TTS voices app has been designed for Android end users.

We invite developers to register on  to try the evaluation SDK and easily add a vocal dimension, in many languages, to all their applications.