Acapela Group is continuously involved in R&D projects to keep the path of voice innovation. One very interesting current project is called ‘Content4ALL’. It aims to better adapt speech synthesis for longer texts, such as story telling or news topics, for an improved user experience. The explosion of digital written content on small devices and screen interfaces is an issue that speech synthesis can easily solve. Indeed, context is favourable and market mature. The challenge is now to keep improving the user experience. And that’s what we are working on at Acapela with this project.


Lend us your ears!  Your opinion is essential to us.


‘Content4 All’ is engaged. We are gaining ground and we now need your help!
We are running a survey about the quality of  improved voices reading longer texts and we definitely need your participation. Contribute to our R&D project! Lend us you ears and take 5 minutes of your time to hear some voice samples, rate and comment.

We greatly value your opinion that makes us move forward and create better voices. Spread the word!