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New Australian female voice, new breath groups for more naturalness, new parameters for acronyms, abbreviations and dates preprocessing, global voice quality enhancement and new Colibri voices bringing more flexibility are the key topics of the new release.


Acapela TTS for Windows 9.1, our SDK designed for the easy integration of text to speech into any Windows application is available to all developers.


The new version includes Acapela’s new Australian female voice, Lisa, who joined male’s Tyler .


Addition of breathing modules provides enhanced naturalness to Czech, Dutch, US and US English, Italian, Polish, Russian and Swedish – including regional voices from Scania and Gothenburg.


New Colibri voices allow users to play high speed text to speech with optimal intelligibility (while sounding more robotic) to perfectly answer to Accessibility users and low footprint requirements.


Acapela TTS for Mac OS X is now also available.