The expressive and engaging robot designed for autism speaks with Acapela's children voices.

QTrobot is an expressive social robot designed to increase the efficiency of special need education by encouraging an active and engaged interaction and making it simple to attract children’s attention to teach new life skills.


Children with autism often have difficulty in getting engaged with other human beings including their teachers and therapists. They often get overwhelmed with human communication since social interaction is a big and complicated combination of facial expressions, voice tones, body language, metaphors and many others. But what if they can learn social interaction component by component instead of all at once? What if they first learn about reading faces and then learn about what each face means? This is exactly why QTrobot, the little expressive robot is designed and built.


QTrobot can be used both by autism professionals and therapists in the school set up and by parents of children with ASD at home. QTrobot is truly a plug and play solution, without requiring any technical knowledge and without a long learning curve. For users without any IT knowledge, it takes literally 10 minutes from receiving the robot box, to starting the first training session with the robot.


“QTrobot speaks with children’s voices from Acapela Group, allowing him to be more engaging for kids and provide motivational reinforcements. The speed of the voice is adjustable, so it can be reduced to be more understand for children on the spectrum who has difficulty with understanding verbal language. Beside that, QTrobot can make funny sounds and expressions, that are great elements to integrate in the training sessions to make them more fun and interesting “ says Dr. Aida Nazarikhorram, Co-founder and CCO of LuxAI.

QTrobot is simple and easy to understand. It behaves in a predictable manner and acts the same way every single time that it interacts with a child. As research has shown, this way of interaction makes QTrobot a great tool for taking the pressure off of the kids, reducing their anxiety and improving their attention and engagement. Being calm and engaged means a higher learning opportunity for children with autism and helps them to be more focused while practicing social and communicational skills with QTrobot.



Further to decreasing anxiety and improving the attention, QTrobot also works as a bridge between the parents and therapists with the children with autism. QTrobot creates a triangular interaction between the child, the human caregiver or a parent and itself. Autism professionals have seen that when QTrobot is used in the training session, children tend to react more often with their caregiver and have a better joint attention. This three-party interaction helps to fulfill the most important goal of the autism training session which is generalization of the learnt skills from the session, to the natural environment of children. Since immediately after practicing a social skill with QTrobot, the robot asks the learner to practice the same skill with the human interaction partner.

And at the end, QTrobot is a great tool to scale the availability of specialized trainings and make the trainings accessible for children and their parents even when access to specialized caregivers is limited.


Besides having a comprehensive and growing off the shelf curricula for teaching emotions, social skills and early stage development skills, QTrobot is fully programmable by the end users, so autism therapists and special teachers can create new educational games and lessons for QTrobot and make it customized to their own needs and special method of practice.



LuxAI is an innovative company specialized in using the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence in developing solutions that can improve the quality of life of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and special need education. LuxAI is also an active research and development company emphasizing on doing research to ensure the high value of its products in improving the life of people.

QTrobot is now available to purchase in Northern America, Australia as well as in Europe.


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