Acapela Group announces that it has released new bi-lingual child voices in Canadian English and Canadian French, that are available in high quality and neural format.

Four voices for children have been added to the Canadian voice offering, with the names Julian and Victoria (English) and Julien and Victoire (French).

The voices support children and adults with communication disabilities, such as ALS or cerebral palsy, who need a digital voice that reflects their age and can express emotions with lifelike tonality.

The announcement is made in conjunction with the start of the world’s leading Assistive Technology conference, ATIA, that takes place in Orlando, Florida, from January 25-27 this year. The new voices will be demonstrated on communication aids at the Acapela Group booth #300 and the Tobii Dynavox booth #301 at ATIA.

Acapela Group is an independent subsidiary of Tobii Dynavox, and a leading provider of AI-based speech synthesis and digital voices. The company has a unique repertoire of over 200 ready-made digital voices in more than 30 languages, representing all ages, from children to adults. In addition to these voices, Acapela Group’s solution my-own-voice leverages voice banking to enable users to record their voices in just 10 minutes to create their own, personalized voice in one of the 24 languages supported. This technology is often used by individuals who face potential voice loss, due to conditions such as ALS.

Welcome to meet with Acapela Group and Tobii Dynavox at ATIA and navigate the Acapela Group website for more information.

Listen to the new Canadian voice samples here:
  • Julian (Canadian English)

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  • Victoria (Canadian English)

    00:00 / 00:00
  • Julien (Canadian French)

    00:00 / 00:00
  • Victoire (Canadian French)

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