My-own-voice, the CES award winning voice banking solution, is now available in its Version 4, providing unequalled quality for voice banking and a new UX interface for a greater user journey.

my-own-voice version 4 image


Acapela Group, the European leader of voice solutions with 30 years of expertise, deeply involved in Accessibility for decades and well known player in voiceTech, is releasing the new version of its well know voice banking solution. The new version is making the most of years of expertise, market feedback and partnerships since the inception in early 2015. My-own-voice in its version 4 provides users, diagnosed with speech disabilities, an easy journey to create their own digital voice, in 50 sentences, with unreached audio result in already 21 languages.


My-own-voice is based on the latest innovations made with DNN (Deep Neural Networks). The new version, awarded Best Innovation at CES 2023 benefits from the state of the art technology and provides unequalled quality. The solution is the easiest and quickest way to create a synthetic voice that truly sounds like its user. It is a web-based solution, used by people with speech or language disorders to easily create a personalized synthetic voice, based on either existing recordings (message banking) or new speech recordings (voice banking).


With the recording of only 50 sentences, the service generates a voice that keeps the essence of the original voice in terms of timbre, accent and intonation. The voice and way of speaking are instantly recognizable. The full process is short and simple and based on the latest innovation and model of Deep Neural Network methodology.


Already benefiting by over 3 000 users worldwide, mostly by people suffering from degenerative diseases, Acapela Group is targeting 10 000 users by 2024. To do so, Acapela Group will ever strengthen its collaboration with associations and partners in various health fields (pediatrics, cancer, Parkinson’s disease…)to keep spreading awareness about its flagship voice banking solution.


VOICE QUALITY with neural technology
GREATER GLOBAL END USER JOURNEY, from my-own-voice banking to AAC applications/devices such as TD Talk iOS application
• UX INTERFACE, new interface, personalized (custom) messages
• EASY RECORDINGS, script adapted for children English (Australia, United Kingdom, United States), French, German, Spanish (Spain, United States), Swedish (Sweden).
• OUTPUT QUALITY, from April 17, a new model will be used to enhance the quality of the voices produced in many languages: English (Australia, United Kingdom, United States), French, German, Spanish (Spain, United States) and Swedish (Sweden).
• LANGUAGES OPTIMIZATION: from September 2023, another round of languages will also be improved including Arabic, English (Scotland), Dutch (BE, Netherlands), French (Canada), Italian, Norwegian. Most of them will also have a script adapted for Children.