infovox4 history of releases and updates

The most recent update for infovox4 is shown on top. Earlier updates are listed below.

Version 4.2021.04.19 – Released on April 19, 2021

On Monday 19th of April, a major update of infovox 4 has been made available to users through the LiveUpdate.
This update will include the update of NVDA to version 2020.4 and major updates to Arabic, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Brazilian, Polish, Russian and Swedish languages and new Portuguese voice (Isabel). All the voices have been updated to latest Acapela engine version.


Version 4.2018.04.11 – Released on April 11, 2018

On Wednesday 18th of April, a minor update of infovox 4 has been made available to users through the LiveUpdate.

This update will include the update of NVDA to version 2018.1.1 .


Version 4.2017.03.15 – Released on March 20, 2017

Today we published on LiveUpdate an upgrade for infovox4 with version number 4.2017.03.15 that fixes a rare crash on LaunchPad for computers with non-standard configurations.


Version 4.2017.02.27 – Released on Februari 27, 2017

New French genuine children voices Elise and Valentin
New Norwegian genuine children voices Emilie and Elias
Download Manager: sort voices by gender and age (Man, Woman, Boy, Girl)


Version 4.2017.01.03 – Released on January 16, 2017

Update to NVDA 2016.4


Version 4.2016.12.15 – Released on December 15, 2016

Fix issue with longer pauses in all voices, particularly Ingmar, in certain contexts like reading of tables. This update sets pauses back to the usual (shorter) value.


Version 4.2016.09.20 – Released on October 11, 2016

This update is a major update as it contains several larger improvements in the engine and in all language and voice modules.

New voices:

French female voice Anais.
German female voice “Claudia Smile”, a variation of the voice Claudia that sounds more relaxed and smiling.

NVDA updated to latest version 2016.3.
Belgian version of each French voice with adjusted pronounciation for small regional variants as number pronunciation.
Improvement in pronunciation precision for all voices/languages.
Enhancement of spelling mode for some special characters, like greek letters.
Various bug fixes.


Version 4.10.36172.1 – Released on 2016 June 23

Update to NVDA 2016.2.1


Version 4.10.36129.1 – Released on 2016 May 12

Update to NVDA 2016.1
fix for bug that could cause recurring reboot message
fix for equalizer settings not being preserved


Version 4.10.35342.1 – Released on 2015 December 16

Automatic detection, diagnose and repair options for problems caused by the Windows 10 upgrade.


Version 4.10.35328.1 – Released on 2015 November 25

Update NVDA to v2015.4

Version 4.10.35315.1 – Released on 2015 November 16

Fix an issue with certain accented characters in the Pronunciation Editor.

Version 4.10.35251.1 – Released on 2015 October 12

New children voices:

English (AU): Olivia, Liam
English (UK): Harry, Rosie
English (US): Ella, Josh, EmilioEnglish*, ValeriaEnglish*
German: Jonas, Lea
Spanish: Valeria, Emilio
The voices Valeria and Emilio are bilingual voices available both as Spanish (US) and English (US).
New character voices:

English (UK): Queen Elizabeth (character voice)
English (US): WillBadGuy (character voice), WillOldMan (character voice), WillLittleCreature (character voice)
Other improvements

Update to latest version of Acapela Engine, implying update and improvements for all voices
Update to NVDA 2015.3 providing support to Windows 10
Added possibility to filter voices in Download Manager by “most popular”, listing only the most commonly used voices for each language
Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 4.08.35231.1 – Released on 2015 August 20

Fix in DM (parsing of license file)
Deployment of updated DM backend (more statistics)
Update of LaunchPad to display more information about the available updates

Version 4.08.35166.1 – Released on 2015 June 18

Update of NVDA to version 2015.2
American English HQ voice Laura added to the Download Manager
Enhancements to LaunchPad and Download Manager to provide more information to Support in case of issues
Link to history page from Update Dialog Box

Version 4.08.35139.1 – Released on 2015 May 18

Enhancements to Download Manager to provide anonymous statistics of voice installs and uninstalls

Version 4.08.35130.1 – Released on 2015 May 10

Update of text-to-speech algorithm providing improvements to all HQ voices
New voice Claudia (German) now available

Version 4.08.35112.1 – Released on 2015 April 22

Update of Pronunciation Editor to add support for Sami language
New Sami language added with two Colibri voices Biera and Ella

Version 4.08.35103.1 – Released on 2015 April 15

Update of NVDA AcaTTS driver with fixes and enhancements