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Deep Learning R&D Engineer

Full time
Mons Belgium
picto calendrier As soon as possible
Acapela Group, leading expert in voice Technologies, is looking for a Deep Learning R&D Engineer in Mons. Voice First interfaces are reinventing the way we engage with devices. The challenge is great, help us meet this disruptive change, join our team.



Acapela is looking for an experienced scientist/expert with a strong background in speech and machine learning. You are a creative and motivated individual with a keen interest in Deep Learning.

You will be part of a team that design, develop, test, and deploy speech technologies supporting a range of products and services and more particularly you will be able to train DNN systems on hundred thousands of speech data. With other members of the team, you will push the frontiers of machine learning and speech recognition and/or synthesis research in order to develop advanced solutions.



–      Development of speech modules based on Deep Learning technologies, to be included in several services and solutions.



–     Expert in statistical modeling techniques, state-of-the-art deep learning applications

–     Familiarity with various deep learning technique and available libraries/tools

–     Knowledge of speech processing, speech synthesis, speech recognition or natural language understanding would be an asset

–     Strong programming skills in Python and C/C++

–     Good user knowledge of Linux and Windows systems

–     Ability to carry out focused and goal-oriented research and development, ability to assume responsibility for one’s work

–     Ability to work in an international, cross-site team of experts. Being a team player

–     Ability to creatively develop innovative ideas while leveraging existing technology with an eye for efficiency and marketability

–     Excellent oral and written communications skills in English



François Bataille

Acapela Group


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