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‘my-own-voice’ partners

my-own-voice is the first step towards preserving your voice and maintaining the ability to communicate with this essential part of your identity. We are creating a fully supportive environment to help you make the very best of what my-own-voice can offer.

At Acapela Group, we have been deeply committed to Accessibility issues for decades and we work and partner closely with specialists and dedicated players. We know that what you need to most fully benefit from ‘my-own-voice’ is a supportive environment provided by committed professionals and adapted, responsive technology. That’s what we are working on with our partners.

We aim to cover the full chain, we are in contact with speech therapists, clinics, hospital departments, AAC specialists and application developers to provide you with the best possible support.

Here is a list of first partners and resources you can rely on to make the best use of ‘my-own-voice’.

Please don’t hesitate to share with us any information and experiences that may help improve and develop this page.

AAC specialists

Experts that have integrated the support for ‘my-own-voice’ into their solutions:


assistiveWareAssistiveWare, the leading innovator of assistive technology software for iOS and Mac OS X with over 125,000 customers worldwide, is supporting my-own-voice through Proloquo4Text, a text-based communication application that gives a voice to people who cannot speak and Proloquo2Go.



Saltillo, is dedicated to making personal communication possible to individuals who are unable to use their natural voice. Saltillo is supporting my-own-voice through its Nova family range.



Smartbox creates assistive technology to help children and adults with disabilities communicate, access computers and control the environment around them; combining the latest hardware with the very best software.
Smartbox is supporting my-own-voice through the Grid3 assistive communication software and the Grid Pad communication and environment control devices.

Tobii Dynavox

tobii_my-ow-voice partner

Tobii Dynavox makes touch based and eye controlled computers and solutions for special education that help individuals with motor and speech impairments lead richer and more independent lives.

SAPI-based & Google TTS compliant applications working with my-own-voice

‘my-own-voice’ can be used right away in any Windows application supporting SAPI* and in any Android application supporting the Google TTS API.

SAPI stands for Speech Application Programming Interface and can be viewed as an interface which sits between applications and speech engines.


Google TTS:

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