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Meet Peter, multilingual user of my-own-voice

Multilingual father and businessman records voice when cancer threatens to take it away.

Peter was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. When he learned he would require a surgery in December that would remove his tongue and potentially his vocal cords, he took proactive steps to ensure he would not lose his ability to communicate and recorded its voice with ‘my-own-voice’ in 3 languages.


Born in Mexico to a German father and Mexican mother, Peter speaks German, Spanish and English. He lives in Mexico with his wife Ana and two young children and enjoys helping the kids with their education. At work, he is a business development director at a holding company of one of the largest microfinance banks in Mexico. The company has been very supportive and has given Peter the time off needed to cope with his treatment and recovery.

The surgery required removal of Peter’s tongue but fortunately not his vocal cords. This meant he would still be able to speak, but not be completely understandable. So prior to having the surgery, Peter got in touch with us to use ‘my-own-voice’.

Peter explains “It was important to me to be able to communicate effectively with my children. They are very young, one and three years old, and I could not pre-record a lifetime of conversations with them. I needed something to help me communicate with them on a daily basis. In addition, at 37, I needed to be able to work, I did not want to be a burden to my family, so a professional communication tool was very important.”

Capturing Peter’s voice in different languages

Peter Fischer speaks German, Spanish and English. Using ‘my-own-voice’ service, he captured his voice in all three languages. The service captures the essence of someone’s voice, so they can continue speaking with their own voice rather than having to use a standard synthetic voice.
 Peter uses the voices with Proloquo4Text, so he can easily type anything he wants to say and then speak the text in his own voice. It is the perfect fit for Peter because of its support for multilingual users.

“For me the combination of Acapela and Proloquo4Text has been amazing. Acapela allowed me to retain my voice, and Proloquo4Text gave me the most user friendly interface to use my voice.”


Peter also says that changing between languages is very easy, and that typing is as easy as in any chat app (such as WhatsApp). In addition, predictive typing makes it faster to communicate. “People are not always patient while I text,” he says.

Peter further shared, “I already used an iPhone and an iPad on a daily basis for personal and work use. No additional device was needed. And when I need extra sound volume (at large meetings, family reunions, or conversations outdoors), I can connect the devices to a portable speaker via bluetooth.”

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