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Meet Eric and Garmt, ‘my-own-voice’ users

Eric and Garmt have both been diagnosed with ALS. They have decided to create their own synthetic voice and have participated as pioneers on the first  ‘my-own-voice’ experiences. They have actively contributed to turn ‘my-own-voice’ concept into a real solution for many people. We have learned a lot from them and would like to thank them, their family and friends.


“Since the day I was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) disease 2 years ago, my brother Josh and I learned my voice would be rapidly declining and very soon I would be unable to speak.  This would frighten anyone, but I have always been a man of many words so it was incredibly crushing to me.  My brother took action and we focused on finding the best synthetic voice out there that could replicate my voice so I could ‘hear’ myself again.  After trying multiple companies, we quickly learned that Acapela Group was by far the most realistic and most technologically advanced.  Unfortunately, by that point, I was unable to complete the clear speaking hours necessary to create my own voice.  I was depressed again.”

“Then Acapela Group suggested if my brother had a similar voice to mine that he could do the speaking and then we could deepen the voice to sound like mine!  It was such a brilliant idea and turned out perfect.  The voice is extremely realistic and it is by far the best product of all the companies we tried.   Working with the Acapela Group’s intelligent, personable and problem-solving team was what sealed the deal for me.  I would have paid anything to hear my voice again, but their reasonable cost made it all the better.  We had a great overall experience and I would be happy to answer any questions you have from an unbiased customer.  Thanks Acapela Group!  I can hear my ‘voice’ again!”

Eric Von Schaumburg

To learn more about Eric and its daily fight against ALS, visit his website ‘Fight like a champion’ and share!

Eric's video on vimeo

Fight Like a Champion from Turning Point Productions on Vimeo.

Josh’s voice recordings samples

Eric’s synthetic voice samples resulting from ‘my-own-voice’

Eric’s synthetic voice samples resulting from ‘my-own-voice’ with voice shaping


‘The voice from Acapela is an important part of me. No, that is not a grammatical error. My voice is a part of who I am, part of my identity. ALS took that away quite fast. Within months, the synthetic voice sounded more like myself than I did. The first few samples that I played for my friends convinced me that the time investment was worth it, as they honestly thought I was speaking myself instead of artificially. Now, I use it almost exclusively to communicate. I am being taken apart by this disease but this part of me is safe.’

‘Acapela supported me in an exemplary fashion, answering every question and offering advice and support where needed. I got to know them as a trustworthy, friendly and professional company.’

‘The decision to make your own voice when you have a deadly disease to worry about is not easy. The time investment is not huge, but it does take some effort. Also, at the beginning of the disease I was reluctant to think about the fact that one day, I would need to use one. So, that is not an easy decision. I am very glad that I decided to do it and profit from it every day now.’

Garmt Van Soest, December 2014.

Garmt’s voice recordings samples

Garmt’s synthetic voice samples resulting from ‘my-own-voice’

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