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personal use


If you are a private person and want to purchase one of our voices or an application working with one of our voices, this is the right page for you!

Acapela Group is selling its speech technologies & solutions to companies and organizations around the world but not directly to “end-users”. Hereunder you will find where you can purchase our voices as a standalone software (only for Mac OSX and Android) or applications made by our customers & partners for end-users.

Important Note

Voices in text-to-speech technologies are not platform or operating system independent. Consequently, when you are looking for a text-to-speech voice or application you need to know on which platform or operating system you would like to have it running unless it is online of course.

Looking for tips, hints and tricks to play with your own words?

Go to the demo page and try them out !

Looking for pleasant voices for your personal use?

Whoever you are, at whatever age, our voices can help you to communicate, better learn, share, navigate, journey, keep in touch, stay informed, play or simply access written content. Acapela voices are smart, cheerful and talkative daily companions – however they are used.