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frequently asked questions


As an individual, how can I purchase and use Acapela voices?

There are different solutions available for you either developed by Acapela or one of our partners, all using Acapela voices. Have a look on the ‘personal use [1]‘ product webpage and don’t hesitate to ask for further information via our contact page [2].

What is Text To Speech?

Text To Speech (TTS/Speech synthesis) is the artificial production of human speech. The computer system used to achieve this is called a speech engine.

Acapela Text To Speech (TTS/Speech synthesis) transforms any text into speech in real time. It literally reads out loud any written information with a smooth and natural sounding voice. The automatic intonation reflects the meaning of the text, with respect to pauses, breath groups, punctuation and context.

The most important qualities of a speech synthesis system are naturalness and intelligibility + expressiveness.

Naturalness describes how closely the output sounds like human speech, while intelligibility is the ease with which the output is understood. The ideal speech synthesizer is both natural and intelligible. Acapela Text To Speech maximizes both characteristics.
With expressive voices, Acapela aims to add a subtle layer of intelligence, to
significantly enrich the audio dimension with more meaning and intent,  providing much more
than just a simple vocalization of texts.

To learn more about the Text To Speech creation process, have a look at the ‘how does it work?’ [3]page.

Where can voice solutions be used?

Voice solutions were initially developed to allow people suffering from visual impairments to access written information, but they have now become a standard component in applications and services to speech enable all content and user interfaces. Voice solutions are extensively used by everyone, changing the way we access content and information in our daily lives.

Acapela glossary

An A to Z of all the application fields that benefit from speech

AAC solutions (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

allow users with impairments or restrictions related to the production or comprehension of spoken or written language to live and communicate with their environments with more autonomy. Acapela voices enrich AAC solutions and communicators turning any written words into spoken

ATM and Ticketing

ATMs and Ticketing systems are made more ergonomic and user friendly thanks to speech solutions which  provide end users with on the fly information , vocal feedback about ongoing navigation and help with transactions through vocal support.

Audio books

The naturalness of speech synthesis lends itself perfectly to the production of audio books,simplifying the process of turning a printed version into a digital one, in many languages, with a choice of genders and voice persona.

Audio content, Content management

Real time access to information and richness of content make audio content a new, useful and friendly way to keep track of the news, listen to texts, magazines and emails or in fact any written content that users like to access throughout the day, while on the move or simply relaxing, eyes-free.

Automation and Production lines

Automation and production lines make use of speech solutions to provide real time audio information or voice guidelines to operators, to help improve productivity and ensure safety and comfort at work.

Contact center and CRM

Speech solutions allow the automatic handling of part of the callers’ requests. The information is vocalized directly, automatically by phone, with no waiting time while operators concentrate on more complex tasks and offer advanced services to customers.
High end services can be vocally signed by a tailored-made voice persona: an exclusive voice which acts as the company spokesperson and contributes towards building an audio brand.

Dyslexia and Cognitive impairments

Speech solutions help people with dyslexia and cognitive impairments to accomplish daily life tasks, assisting them in communication, education, work or recreational activities. Speech support helps end users to operate with more autonomy and with increased self-confidence using simple and user friendly interfaces.


Training courses for employees or on-line university study can both benefit from the vocal dimension. The synchronized use of visual and audio content offers an attractive, balanced flow of information, helping students memorize the course through effective multimedia-based learning tools. The content can be easily localized and personalized, saving time and cost while offering convivial and interactive e-learning.

IVR, Call centers

Speech solutions allow companies to smoothly inform and guide the caller, providing real time personalized information, with natural voices and high intelligibility, for advanced and efficient phone services, available 24/7.

Language learning

Speech synthesis enriches language learning tools with an immediate vocal support of the requested text or words to help students with pronunciation. The learning program is boosted by the speech dimension, providing users with constant, interactive vocal support, whether in a learning, travel or work situation.

Media center

Vocal solutions can simplify the way we make the most of our digital libraries: we enjoy all our media from a single unit and use speech to voice control and be kept informed of what is going on, also to navigate the library to select and play audio or movies, show programs, control recordings  and so on.

Navigation and Telematics

The popular use of navigation systems and telematics services – for car, bike or pedestrian use – on inbuilt systems, personal navigation devices or PDA has radically changed the way users undertake their journeys.   Advanced services and features now include speech capability which vocalizes any information in real time and provides precise navigation instructions such as street names, POI details or real time traffic information. E-mail and SMS messages can also be read aloud. Speech capability helps provide a safe, efficient and comfortable navigation experience.

Newspaper vocalization

Newspaper information can be vocalized into pleasant tones to provide audio access to the written content. Content analysis and conversion expertise enable information initially conceived for the written word to be turned into easy-to-listen-to news.

Personal productivity

The daily use of computers and the immediate access to a limitless world of information have radically changed the way users interact with content, leading to more user friendly and intuitive computer processes. Voice solutions have become the user’s team-mate, allowing the optimisation of the functions a computer can provide, freeing the user from dependence on the

screen and inspiring new interactions to better work, check, understand, share, learn, etc.

Reading assistants

Speech synthesis allows any written information to be turned into speech, providing access to written information for people living with reading difficulties such as dyslexia or illiteracy or those with sight impairments.

Rich media

Voice is the audible facet among many others helping make rich media so interesting and interactive. Speech synthesis voice-empowers videos and animation to enrich the media with synchronized speech and comments.


The upcoming generation of robots, designed for home or non-industrial environments, have to deal with non-specialist users. This means that intuitiveness and ease of use are paramount.

Speech solutions are the most natural communication interface, enabling robots to communicate with humans and set up a real dialogue.  They help create a robot’s personality, providing it with natural language and a voice persona.

Screen readers

Speech synthesis gives a voice to your favorite screen reader. Your world of information is brought to life with male, female or kids’ voices.

Schools and Universities

Voice solutions help users of all ages with writing and editing.  They help students learn new languages or alleviate problems linked to dyslexia and learning disability. Students receive immediate vocal feedback of letters, words and sentences. The immediate benefits for the students are more autonomy, enhanced self confidence and an immediate increase in motivation.

Serious games and Edutainment

New innovative tools have allowed the invention of new ways to train, educate, advertise or simulate, smartly mixing entertainment and education. Programs look like games or multimedia based friendly content, designed to provide an engaging context to motivate and educate the players through full interactivity and individual knowledge acquisition.

Smartphones and Tablets

These miraculously concentrated pieces of high-tech challenge the user interface issue. Something just impossible to do without speech solutions, which turn written content into an easy-to-listen-to audio result.

Talking web

Speech synthesis allows the vocalization of any content featured on webpages providing straightforward access to information to anyone, including Internet users living with sight difficulties, dyslexia or illiteracy issues.


Voice solutions naturally speech animate toys to turn them into smart interactive companions for talkative amusement, at any age, from kids to seniors.

Traffic and Passenger information

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and passenger information systems help make transport more efficient and environmentally-friendly. New and sophisticated technology, open platforms and new business models are boosting solutions development.

Speech solutions provide the voice, significantly helping to make transport more safe and secure, delivering real time reliable information to users, reducing costs and streamlining logistics, with multilingual natural voices.

Unified communication

Unified communication helps businesses to streamline information delivery and ensures ease of use, for faster interaction and more direct collaboration between people, wherever they are located. Speech solutions come in to facilitate access to written information, such as messages, from anywhere, any phone, making written content audible, improving communication modes and enhancing reactivity.

Viral marketing and Advergames

New marketing techniques increase brand visibility and awareness, message association and purchase intent through self-replicating viral processes with campaigns that can be easily traced and measured. After seeing, playing and participating in a viral campaign, enhancing its effect, consumers are more likely to remember not just the brand or product itself, but also associate specific brand attributes with it. Speech synthesis vocalizes any message, turning user-generated content into powerful marketing tools that people will remember and talk about.

Warehouse management

Speech solutions allow the development of an eyes-free/hands-free method of working, improving productivity in the supply chain, providing real time vocalization of the information and instructions available in the database directly to the operator, for optimal efficiency.

Web page reading

Web pages can be easily read out loud to Internet users, making the content easy to access, avoiding the need to read long pages and helping users enjoy websites. Natural voices make reading simple!