authentic children voices

Authentic children voices by Acapela Group

Children’s voices created by Acapela Group: made by and for children! The cheerful family of Acapela genuine children’s voices give the say to young users around the world – Australian, UK & US English, bilingual US English/North American Spanish, French, […]

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tips, hints and tricks

TTS output optimization

TTS optimization Here are a few tips to help you optimise and fine tune your voice output. Read the instructions, hear the voice samples, apply to your content, enjoy the audio result! Vocal smileys Try our vocal smileys – sounds […]

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voice banking


For individuals diagnosed with speech or language disorders – resulting from ALS or other conditions such as aphasia, dysarthria or apraxia – capturing the essence of their voice before losing it is a crucial step in preserving their identity.

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Play with your own words! Meet any of the 100 voices that form the Acapela talkative family. Listen to our authentic sounding, unique and original voices, each with its own personality, there’s a voice to match each and every context. Type […]

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custom voice creation

custom voice creation by Acapela Group

  Your voice, created with Acapela Voice Factory Companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors by incorporating a vocal dimension into their marketing strategy with an identifiable corporate sound. The Acapela Voice Factory is the result of in-depth research into […]

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how does it work?

How does text to speech work?

In order to reproduce the natural sound of each language, a narrator records a series of texts (poetry, political news, sports results, stock exchange updates, etc.) which contain every possible sound in the chosen language. These recordings are then sliced […]

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personal use


If you are a private person and want to purchase one of our voices or an application working with one of our voices, this is the right page for you! Acapela Group is selling its speech technologies & solutions to […]

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frequently asked questions


As an individual, how can I purchase and use Acapela voices? There are different solutions available for you either developed by Acapela or one of our partners, all using Acapela voices. Have a look on the ‘personal use‘ product webpage […]

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