Virtual Speaker v2.9 is here!

Virtual Speaker

Virtual Speaker v2.9 is now available, bringing a new smiling and optimistic German voice, called ClaudiaSmile, who just loves to record smiling announcement prompts, a new French voice, called Anais, particularly suited for telecom and announcements, and a bunch of genuine children voices in French, Norwegian and Swedish for your multimedia applications.

Virtual Speaker v2.9 also include a major upgrade for all voices, following some upgrade of our core sound-generation technology and linguistic improvements. We also made lots of other improvement and bug fixes to the application, please see a resume of the main improvements here below.

Update procedure

To update your current version of Virtual Speaker to version v2.9 you need to uninstall your current version and then install virtual speaker v2.9. All your files, lexicons and settings will be preserved during the uninstall and install operation.

Details on improvements in Virtual Speaker v2.9

New Voices

Updated Voices

  • All voices were updated

Selection of new features and improvements

  • The player for the text-to-speech and for the audio files are now separated.
  • The sound player has been redesign with a functional slider, more precise timing values and an autoplay function.
  • In project settings, a new tab called Options allows you to select default reading options including an option to raise the volume above the max level.
  • Possibility to open recent files from the file menu.
  • Improved Find & Replace function
  • Change Pronunciation feature renamed in Alternative inflection
  • Improved file sorting in explorers and batch windows
  • Better information summary after a line-by-line export and in batch mode

Published on January 31, 2017 in Release information 

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