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High quality voice recordings lie at the heart of several key corporate activities like eLearning, authoring, customer relation services, public announcements and brand management. A reliable and efficient process for creating voice recordings is therefore of great importance to avoid bottlenecks in your workflow.

Virtual Speaker is a solution designed to allow you to create high quality voice recordings immediately and at any time, 24/7, using a straightforward process: you provide the texts and choose the voice, Virtual Speaker will immediately create audio files with voice recordings, using the high-quality, multilingual, text to speech from Acapela Group.

Si vous avez besoin d'enregistrements et recherchez un speaker qui n'attrape pas de rhume et est toujours disponible, rapide, efficace et constant, intéressez-vous sans tarder à Virtual Speaker. Basé sur la technologie de synthèse de la parole très haut de gamme d'Acapela Group, Virtual Speaker peut instantanément convertir n'importe quel texte en paroles naturelles en utilisant la langue, la voix et le format sortie audio qui correspond à votre besoin.

Behöver du göra röstinspelningar och letar efter en talare som aldrig blir förkyld, alltid låter på samma sätt och alltid är snabb och effektiv. Då är Virtual Speaker den rätta lösningen. Med Virtual Speaker, som baseras på den senaste talsyntesteknologin från Acapela Group, av högsta möjliga kvalitet, omvandlar du texter till ljudfiler med naturliga och behagliga röster. Du väljer själv språk, röst och det filformat du önskar.

voices_55Voices & languages

More than 70 voices in more than 30 languages. Some of the voices provide additional emotional variants (sad/happy) and attitudes (shouting/whispering).

voiceformats_55Voice properties

Adjustable voice settings such as speaking rate, voice tone, volume and pause length for punctuation.

voice formatsAudio file formats

Several audio output formats: 8 kHz, 11 kHz, 16 kHz, 22 kHz, 44 kHz, PCM, A-law, µ-law, vox, MP3.

manual modeManual mode

Use Virtual Speaker in manual mode to open a text file, edit it, listen to it, fine tune settings and create your perfect recording.

automoatic modeAutomatic mode

Automatic mode to run tasks with no need for human supervision, such as processing long lists of files or automatically converting a file to add to a folder.

speech controlSpeech control

Speech control tags to change settings, voice or language in the middle of a text. Tags are managed via the interface graphics & common settings are saved for quick use.

audio controlAudio control

Audio control tags to insert sound in the middle of the speech and to mix a loop or background music with speech.



Wide range of languages and choice of voices.

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Virtual Speaker v2.9 is here!

virtual speaker v2.9 imageJanuary 31, 2017

– Virtual Speaker v2.9 is now available, bringing a new smiling and optimistic German voice, called ClaudiaSmile, who just loves to record smiling announcement prompts, a new French voice, called Anais, particularly suited for telecom and announcements, and a bunch […]

Take control of the TTS output

TTS optimizationJanuary 11, 2016

There are different ways to control and refine the way the TTS will read your input, we have collected tips and tricks in one page, ranging from simple methods to more advanced one. Click on the picture below to get […]

Virtual Speaker v2.8.7 now available

November 25, 2015

A new version of Virtual Speaker is now available. The new version provides the following fixes and improvements: Better management of windows when using Pronunciation Editor prevent several windows to be open at the same time. When reading and editing […]