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Mass-Transport Innovation Japan 2017: Acapela Group and AI provide Kanno Works with multilingual voices for its advanced Passenger Information.

Acapela Group and its Japanese partner AI collaborate to provide voice solutions to Kanno Works for the demonstration of their innovative Passenger Information System during Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2017, from Nov.29 to Dec. 1st.

voices for public transport Acapela Ai at MTI Japan
The demonstration of Kanno Works system informs passengers in real time combining both visual and audio inputs, both on the platform and in the main hall of the station. On the platform, passengers are informed through a large floor vision panel and an audio message generated with high quality voice synthesis. A large-scale model railroad linked with information display and audio information is also operating in the main hall station. Messages can be easily generated in different languages, thus welcoming and guiding the tourists or foreign visitors, especially for the Olympics Games in 2020.

This new project is the result of a partnership between AI and Acapela. Acapela multilingual TTS, available in 34 languages, are exclusively distributed in Japan by AI while Acapela Group provides an improved version of its Japanese TTS resulting from the collaboration outside of Japan.

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