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What are the requirements

infovox4 supports the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10

Any PC that meets the minimum requirements for these Windows version, will be able to run infovox4. You also need a USB port to connect the infovox4 USB unit.

HQ voices for infovox4 can be quite big (betweeen 100 and 250 MB), you choose yourself which ones to install locally by using the Download Manager. Colibri voices are instead quite small, about 1 MB per voice.

Can I use the infovox4 voices in my screenreader?

Yes, infovox4 supports the well-established SAPI4 and SAPI5 standards and it can be used with any screenreader or any other Windows application supporting speech via SAPI, as for instance Adobe Reader.

What should I do to use the infovox4 voices in my screenreader?

Applications typically automatically scan the computer for existing voices compliant to the SAPI standard, and therefore the infovox4 voices will be automatically be recognized and made available. In some other case there is an option to check for SAPI voices, and so you should activate that.

Can I buy infovox4 directly from Acapela-Group?

No, we sell infovox4 through an international network of distributors. We rely on our network of distributors due to the fact that they are specialized professional expert in providing software and services within the accessibility market.

Can I use infovox4 to access a computer where I do not have Admin rights?

Yes, infovox4 does not require Admin rights to use the voices together with the applications loaded on the USB device, which also includes the NVDA screenreader. Admin rights are only needed if you want to install infovox locally or if you want to activate the SAPI interface, for using infovox4 with a third-party application.

Is infovox4 always distributed as an USB device?

Yes. However you can perform a local install directly from the USB device to your own computer. Once the software is installed locally on your computer, you do not need to have the USB inserted in your computer to continue working. With infovox4 you can install the voices locally on 3 of your own computers (for instance home, work and portable) and still keeping the USB at hands for when you need to use infovox4 when travelling or using somebody else’s computer.

Do you support the NVDA community?

At Acapela Group we are ardent supporters of this great open source project and we are proud to take part of their support, by donating 5$ to NV Access for each sold unit of infovox4.

Information about upgrading your computer to Windows 10

Infovox4 is compatible with Wondows 10, however the upgrade process can cause some issue to the PLI license on your local computer. The upgrade process does not affect in any way the licenses on the USB.

Due to these issues we recommend the following action when upgrading your computer to Windows 10:

  • If you have a PLI license on the computer that you want to upgrade to Windows 10, please start the infovox4 LunchPad and remove the infovox4 PLI license from the computer (transfer back to the USB) before starting the upgrade.
  • After Windows 10 is installed, you can reinstall the PLI licenses on the computer without any problem.

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