Insyn Scandinavia becomes Infovox exclusive distributor in Sweden

Acapela Group has selected Insyn scandinavia, a leading provider of personalized solutions for the visually impaired based in Sweden, as its exclusive distributor in Sweden of Infovox4, its well known all-in-one local & portable talking companion for visually impaired users.

Infovox, using Acapela speech synthesis, speech empowers any PC with pleasant voices, transforming any written text into speech, in real time.

‘Insyn’s long experience and commitment on assistive technology for visually impaired and its excellence in providing support to its users, either for an individual or a professional use, naturally positioned the company as the best choice for Acapela Group in Sweden’ says Susanne Magnusson, Acapela Sales Manager.

Insyn Scandinavia aims to provide customized solutions for the visually impaired to individuals, companies and organizations. The company has built long term relations, close cooperation and partnership with technology players and solution providers to optimize the customer’s investment on the long term.

‘The great Acapela Swedish voices & Infovox4 solution make Acapela a reference on the visual impairment market. Infovox4 has helped many people during this years either at home, school or at working places. We hope this will continue for many years to come’ says Michael Larsson Insyn Scandinavia CEO.

Insyn Scandinavia is the outcome of the merge of three companies (Ideutveckling, Insyn Sverige AB and Synutveckling Skellefteå AB) earlier in 2016 into Insyn Scandinavia AB. The company aims to provide advanced customer support and complete solutions for the visually impaired.

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