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Global Market for Synthesized Speech: Acapela Group Strengthens its Position with a New Capital Structure.

Acapela Group announces important changes to its ownership structure: partial management buyout successfully achieved. 

Mons, Belgium, October 13th, 2015: Acapela Group, the leading voice expert, with headquarters in Belgium (Mons) and subsidiaries in France and Sweden, today announces important changes to its ownership structure with the successful finalization of a partial management buyout. Taking the opportunity offered by the programmed exit from IRIS Capital and with the strong support of main investors SRIW/IMBC, the managers of Acapela have acquired 39% of the shares of the company.

Building the future @ Acapela.

The language and speech market’s very positive outlook and growth bolsters Acapela’s position and strategy: technology-based personal help, customer interaction, transportation, accessibility & education, user experience of connected devices, machines, cars & facilities, are all creating wonderful opportunities for the development and expansion of   multilingual natural language based technologies that have been the core of Acapela’s know-how and knowledge for over thirty years. The ever growing number of speaking applications is boosting a sustainable need for personalized voices, the creation of which is Acapela’s raison d’être.

In this context, the change to the ownership structure will generate the optimal circumstances for Acapela Group to accelerate the company’s development and strengthen its position as a voice expert within the speech market by:

>Stabilizing the shareholder structure thus allowing stronger mid to long term strategies to roll out the Business Plan.

>Creating room for financial flexibility, putting the company in a good position to seize strategic opportunities resulting from the Business Plan, including funding of further acquisitions and investments.

>Building sustainable motivation, responsibility and involvement internally and with our customers, partners and investors.

By partially acquiring a substantial part of the company, the management of Acapela is strongly stating its belief in the company’s future and its capacity to grow sustainably.

About Acapela Group,

At Acapela Group we are proud to invent speech solutions to vocalize your content with  authentic and original voices that express meaning and intent. Experience and enjoy an exciting and wide range of voices, very different from each other: voices that interpret and read content with meaning and emotion, voices with accents, voices of celebrities, voices that surprise by their naturalness, voices made to tell stories, custom-made voices to develop a brand’s audio personality. All are part of Acapela’s repertoire, designed to give you a voice for whatever purpose, for whatever need. Over 100 synthetic voices in 34 languages are ready to give a voice to any content producing a natural and pleasant audio result, by turning written text into speech. This is Acapela bespoke expertise. Let’s talk! .

About SRIW (the Wallonia Regional Investment Company) and IMBC

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