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Personal Data – GDPR

ACAPELA GROUP has adopted a strict confidentiality policy due to the fact that we take your private life very seriously and treat your information with care. This confidentiality policy, which relates to ACAPELA GROUP Internet sites and companies connected with […]

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Acapela Group, inspiring provider of voices and speech solutions   Voice information is everywhere in our daily lives and enriches content and interfaces. We create voices that read, inform, explain, present, guide, educate, tell stories, help to communicate, alarm, notify, […]

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2017 Acapela Inclusive Business Unit creation Acapela DNN: innovative voice creation based on deep learning New children voices: Italian (Aurora & Alessio) 2016 New children voices: Norwegian (Emilie & Elias) New children voices: French (Elise & Valentin) New Children voices: […]

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Speech impairment: Acapela DNN technology enhances the voice banking process of my-own-voice.

Progress in voice technology means patients with speech impairments can now benefit from improved voice banking; the resulting voices are very like their own. A voice signal and persona can be created from scratch, based on only a few minutes […]

Personalized Virtual Assistants for the Elderly: Learn more about the Empathic Research project and adapted expressive voices by Acapela Group.

The Empathic project focuses on Personalised Virtual Coaches to assist elderly people living independently at and around their home. Acapela Group is working on the voice synthesis part, to provide users with advanced voice-first interface, based on Deep Learning. – The […]

Voice-First interface for Education: High Quality voices from Acapela Group on Chromebooks.

Acapela Group Publishes Extension in the Chrome Web Store, Bringing Over 100 voices in 30 languages for Chromebooks high quality voice capabilities to students around the world. Chromebooks encourage collaborative and innovative learning focused on web-based applications. The combination of […]

Voice First: Acapela Group gives a voice to iPal robot, the smart social companion for kids and the elderly.

AvatarMind has selected voices from Acapela Group, the world expert of vocal solutions, to be the voice of the iPal® Robot.  iPal is a playful robot that serves as a social companion, educator, safety monitor for children and can bridge […]


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R&D Projects

R&D @ Acapela Group

Pushing the Boundaries of Voice. – – Involvement in R&D funded projects and collaboration with high profile partners, organizations, universities and laboratories, are essential to helping us meet our goals, to fulfilling our role as ground breaking inventors of leading-edge […]

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Work @ acapela Acapela Group brings together talented people from very different backgrounds and areas of expertise, resulting in a rich cultural and multilingual environment. We are a team of specialists with offices mainly based in Belgium, France and Sweden. […]

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ISO 9001

Quality Policy – ISO 9001 certification Acapela Group aims to be highly customer centric in the field of speech interfaces by paying specific attention to: Understanding of the customer needs in terms of products, projects, services, business models and consequently […]

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In its daily business, Acapela Group applies ethical principles defined in Acapela Group’s Code of Conduct. In Acapela Group’s Environmental Policy, we declare our responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. The documents contain requirements communicated to the […]

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