Acapela Group, the leading voice expert with 30 years of experience behind it, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 34 languages. Our international team of experts is fully dedicated to developing the […]

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2017 New children voices: Italian (Aurora & Alessio) 2016 New children voices: Norwegian (Emilie & Elias) New children voices: French (Elise & Valentin) New Children voices: Swedish (Freja & Filip) 2015 Creawave acquisition MBO – New capital structure New German […]

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Speech solutions: Ciao! Meet Aurora and Alessio, the new Italian children’s voices created by Acapela Group, to give everyone a voice.

Acapela Group, the voice solutions expert, today introduces Aurora and Alessio, two new natural- sounding children’s voices that will meet the needs of Italian children looking for a voice that reflects their age. News in Italian For the first time […]

Christmas Wish List: Drop a Smart Talking Dino into Your Kid’s Stocking
Dino from cogniToys

Merry Christmas and happy learning with the CogniToys Dino, the IBM Watson-powered smart toy that gets better over time.     CogniToys are smart devices in toy form, tailored just for kids, to provide an educational and entertaining experience without […]

Speech Market: Acapela Group opens a US office in Chicago.

Chicago, November 17th, 2016. Acapela Group, the bespoke voice solution specialist based in Europe, has opened a branch office in Chicago, to strengthen its position and provide advanced support and services to customers and partners in North America. Leading voice […]

Acapela Group releases new Acapela TTS version for developers: update for new voices and Audio Boost capability.

Stay tuned and update your Acapela TTS SDK! New voices, Audio boost, enhanced spelling mode and linguistic improvements are part of the menu of this new version. Available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Linux Embedded, Win CE, Windows and Linux Server.


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R&D Projects

R&D @ Acapela Group

Pushing the Boundaries of Voice. – – Involvement in R&D funded projects and collaboration with high profile partners, organizations, universities and laboratories, are essential to helping us meet our goals, to fulfilling our role as ground breaking inventors of leading-edge […]

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Work @ acapela Acapela Group brings together talented people from very different backgrounds and areas of expertise, resulting in a rich cultural and multilingual environment. We are a team of specialists with offices mainly based in Belgium, France and Sweden. […]

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ISO 9001

Quality Policy – ISO 9001 certification Acapela Group aims to be highly customer centric in the field of speech interfaces by paying specific attention to: Understanding of the customer needs in terms of products, projects, services, business models and consequently […]

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Code of Conduct

In its daily business, Acapela Group applies ethical principles defined in Acapela Group’s Code of Conduct. In Acapela Group’s Environmental Policy, we declare our responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. The documents contain requirements communicated to the […]

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