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New address for Acapela Sweden


Our office in Sweden has moved to Solna Strandväg 20, 171 54 Solna. Acapela Group Sweden has just moved to a brand new office at Solna Strandväg 20 in Solna. It is a quiet office close to the water (Bällstaviken) […]

Acapela Group supports the NVDA project


infovox4,  the all-in-one local & portable Talking companion for visually impaired, includes the NVDA screenreader to allow instantaneous access to any computer, any time. Just plug the infovox4 USB to any computer and the NVDA screenreader will immediately start to […]

Infovox iVox 4.0 adds 31 new natural-sounding TTS voices for your Mac


AssistiveWare® and Acapela Group announced today the release of Infovox iVox™ 4.0, which brings to Mac OS X a total of 31 new Text to Speech voices. These include the first ever genuine, natural-sounding bilingual American Spanish-English children’s voices, a […]