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Easy Audio Content: Release of Virtual Speaker 2.8 new version


Virtual Speaker 2.8 features 19 additional voices, a new graphical interface and an exclusive set of features. Virtual Speaker has been designed for companies that need to produce voice files easily, offering a desktop solution 24/7. Virtual Speaker doesn’t require […]

Produce voice files easily: check out the new version of


We have launched a new version of , the online service that enables you to produce voice files effortlessly. In 2014 Acapela-box attracted customers from over 116 countries and more than 5 million characters were converted into speech. — Acapela-box […]

Meet Sharon, Acapela’s brand new US English voice


Sharon joins Acapela’s chatty family, enriching our extensive repertoire of voices. Listen to her now! We are delighted to introduce Sharon. Based on improved methods and optimized linguistic processes, Sharon is part of a new wave of Acapela voices, that […]

Multilingual User Gaming Interaction: let’s talk about D-Box


Imagine a game between several users, speaking different languages and interfacing using a same voice. Imagine a game between several users, speaking different languages. And imagine them playing without caring about language barriers, because the interface is taking care of […]

Man-Robot dialogue: adapting text-to-speech to humanoid’s context


Acapela Group involved in MaRDi project, investigating the implications for humanoid voice in different situations. Humanoid robotics is a fantastic and challenging research field and innovations in that domain will play a major role in the 21st century. Robotics and […]

Meet Rhona, Acapela’s brand new Scottish English voice


At Acapela we love voices, and we aim to offer users voices that sound authentic. Today, we are very happy to introduce to you Rhona, a new authentic voice that will finally provide users with an English female voice that […]