Premium voices

To read long texts such as books, instructions and newpapers, Acapela has developed Premium voices, very high quality voices with pleasant prosody.

With Acapela Premium voices, you deliver a very high-end service to your users.

AVH, the French association for blind and visually impaired people, was the first actor to go for the Premium voices, to vocalize audio books in Daisy format (click here to read the full story). The feedback from the users has been very enthusiastic.

Natural, intelligible, fluid, rapid: the Premium voices express perfectly the true sense of content being read, through an intonation and depth that capture your imagination and hold your attention. Manon is particularly suited to reading long texts. The manon database has allowed this leap forward in quality, without impacting on the speed of the vocalization process. You can judge for yourself, listen to the voice samples.

Sharon (English US Premium voice) – Conan Doyle, The Red Headed League excerpt
Manon (French Premium voice) – La liste de mes envies, David Foenkinos excerpt
Claudia (German Premium voice) – Kafka excerpt


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