Children's Voices

Our portfolio includes 34 languages and over 100 standard voices.

Meet any of the 100 voices that form the Acapela talkative family: Voices for all ages, voices with accents, with emotions and emoticons, bilingual voices.


Children’s voices created by Acapela Group: made by and for children!

The cheerful family of Acapela genuine children’s voices enable young users around the world to speak – Australian, UK & US English, bilingual US English/North American Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish are already available.

Premium voices


Custom voices

To read long texts such as books, instructions and newpapers, Acapela has developed Premium voices, very high quality voices with pleasant prosody.

With Acapela Premium voices, you deliver a very high-end service to your users.


Differentiate yourself with an  exclusive, unique voice created with Acapela Voice Factory.

Designed to perform your voice branding through any audio touch point, this highly competitive solution provides you with a very natural and pleasant synthetic voice, for enhancing your brand identity, increasing consumer confidence and extending your business into new markets and services.

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