End User Solutions


Acapela Group has developed solutions for visually impaired users and for individuals who need specific support in their curriculum or learning process.


Acapela TTS for NVDA:

  • Acapela TTS for NVDA adds Acapela voices to the famous NDVA screenreader, enabling blind and vision impaired people to use High Quality and High Performing voices with the NVDA screen reader, at an affordable price.
    The NVDA project (Non Visual Desktop Access) enables blind and vision impaired people to use a computer by communicating what is on the screen using a synthetic voice or braille.


Infovox4 it’s an All-in-one local and portable talking companion for visually impaired users. An innovative yet simple and all-in-one product for seamless access to written information, no matter where the user is, at home, in the office or on the move using different computers. Infovox4, using Acapela speech synthesis, speech empowers any PC with pleasant voices, transforming any written text into speech, in real time.

Infovox can be exclusively purchased through our Infovox4 international distribution network.

Infovox iVox:

  • Infovox iVox provides system-wide clear and pleasant voices in many languages to Mac OS X for individuals who need audible feedback or reading support, for those who are interested in storytelling, for blind and vision impaired users, for language learning and for those who just like to listen to their computer.

Infovox iVox is ditributed worldwide by AssistiveWare



Acapela TTS voices for Google Play:

  • Acapela TTS voices for Google Play offers Android users the possibility to easily turn any Android device into a smart talking companion using speech synthesis. An Acapela voice becomes a great talking partner. It reads aloud texts from your e-book or newspaper, navigates, enables you to hear real time translation, to learn languages with audio feedback and much more. Acapela voices are compatible with Android Accessibility features and screen readers.

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