Senior Care


With global ageing comes global demand for specialized products and services. Today’s tech-savvy older adults require new services and tools, employing appropriate communication styles and voice solutions.

Baby boomers are hitting retirement with a vitality and vigour that’s redefining how silver citizens are living and enjoying their life and the way healthcare is administered.

Voice solutions will play an important role by providing advanced yet easy talking interfaces, they will help to access content, assist medical automation processes, enable health applications and medical devices to talk, help in transport, provide audio reading, speech enable wearables and alerts, give a voice to robots for personal life assistance, home equipment, IoT (Internet of Things) and much more.

Speech solutions are an essential part of Senior Care technology, they help maintain routines and lifestyle and keep people safe and independent.

Acapela Inclusive provides the voice to solutions designed for the elderly, ensuring they have easy access to specific advanced services and information.

Acapela’s range of voices offers a wide choice of voice personas including voices for all ages. The portfolio includes over 100 voices in 34 languages, there’s a voice for everyone: emotive voices, voices with accents, voices adapted to read long texts.

Our solutions work on a wide range of operating systems, online and offline.

For individuals preferring to use a personalized voice, they can create their own personalized voice using our voice banking program.

For companies or organisations wanting to use their own exclusive voice, we can create their own exclusive custom voices.



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