Blindness & Low Vision

Voice solutions provide visually impaired and blind users with an essential access to content and help them perform everyday tasks.

Innovations have removed barriers to daily life, education and employment and each day new solutions are contributing to make the world more accessible. Acapela voices are helping users since decades.


Using voice solutions, blind and visually impaired users can access any content, browse the Internet, access their computer, navigate autonomously, walk through streets using a GPS, read the latest books or newspapers, watch the TV, consult a menu in a restaurant, easily access public places, enjoy a museum, play games, recognize objects, use public transport and so much more. Students with visual impairments can complete homework, do research, and read books along with their sighted classmates, thanks to advances in technology.


Acapela Inclusive provides the voice for solutions designed for the blind and visually impaired, enabling them to access the information they need.

Acapela’s wide range of voices can read at high speed or keep to a more natural pace, depending on the user’s preference. The portfolio includes over 100 voices in 34 languages, there’s a voice for everyone: emotive voices, children’s voices, voices adapted to read long texts.

Our solutions work on a wide range of operating systems, online and offline.

For companies or organisations wanting to use their own exclusive voice, we can create custom voices.

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